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Most of these lantern sizes dating slides consist of two sheets of glass, one of which has the image on one side of it magic the other which covers the image, and.

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Keystone Magic Lantern Slide 202 A Date Garden in North Africa

Dating magic lantern slides speed dating vlaams brabant May the beauty captured in these historical magic lantern slides inspire you with new gardening ideas. Or, make you wonder how these places look today. Please post. Torrens Photo archive. About Lantern Slides.

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Collections are intended for use by the university community as well as the general public according to the policies and procedures established by the Department. In 1849, about ten years after the invention of photography, lantern slides began to be produced photographically. Rapid improvements in photographic reproduction methods and more effective projection illuminants sparked the increased popularization of magic lantern slides. In the United States, magic lantern shows were especially popular in formal education settings. From the 1850s, following the lead of the Philadelphia-based Langenheim Brothers, a growing number of slide manufacturers retained stock collections of negatives from which lantern slides could be produced, assembled into thematic boxed sets, and sold to consumers, including universities, companies, clubs and other social organizations.

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Magic Lanterns, manufactured by T. McAllister Manufacturing Optician. By 1846 they were one of the greatest American dealers in magic lanterns and slides. From the early 1900s the New York firm gradually concentrated on professional lanterns and moving picture machines.

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