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There are a number of different ways of managing organizational conflict, which are . The collaborating style is high on both assertiveness and cooperation.

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Thomas & Killman's Five Conflict Styles

The accommodating style of conflict management is both assertive and cooperative download dating cyrano agency sub indo In 1972, the Thomas and Killman styles were introduced as a method for identifying different types of conflict resolution. Understanding the conflict styles of those around you may help you develop strategies for handling disputes. The Competing Style The competing style of conflict resolution is aggressive and assertive. This type of conflict style tends to occur without concern for others' assertiive. The style has its place in certain situations where decisiveness is necessary. This style is highly assertive with minimal cooperativeness; the goal is to win. The competing style is used when a person has to take quick action, make unpopular decisions, handle vital issues, or when one needs protection in a situation where noncompetitive behavior can be exploited. To develop this style you must develop your ability to argue and debate, use your rank or position, assert your opinions and feelings, and learn to state your position and stand your ground. Overuse of this style can lead to lack of feedback, reduced learning, and low empowerment.

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Conflict Resolution

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