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For Adam Lyons, 3 one girlfriend isn't enough – he lives in a 'throuple' with his two lovers, Brooke ande, and none of them would want it.

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Former 'nerd' is now a dating coach and living with TWO girlfriends and kids under one roof

Adam dating coach dating a mexican fender telecaster Biography Personal Life Adam states that he was voted least likely to get a girlfriend adam dating coach classmates when he adam dating coach 15 years old. He says that he had a difficult time with women until around 2005, which is when he first discovered the seduction community at the age of 25. Prior to the beginning of his career as a dating coach, Adam held multiple jobs including prop technician for a live action role playing company where he created armor and weapons and PR Manager for several different agencies.

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Adam has also hosted National Lampoon Radio. He creates online information product companies in dating advice and tips, self-development, and relationship advice. He also develops entrepreneurial training courses and educational materials on love, attraction, and dating. He teaches men how to succeed with women, and in life, by presenting ways of attracting and keeping women interested based on the integrity of his own real life experiences, his clients' successes, and the latest scientific female attraction research.

The Day I Failed as a Dating Coach - Adam Lyons PUA Summit Speech 2013

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