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It is a relevant question, in a society that pushes dating at such a young age. When it comes to “Christian dating” those same underlying motivations still exist.

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What does the Bible say about dating? Are Christian teens allowed to date?

Age for christian dating job dating alma Kelli Mahoney is a Christian youth worker and writer who age for christian dating covered topics ranging from Bible study to spiritual discipline. Updated May 02, 2019 Many parents set rules for their Christian teens about dating. While setting rules is a good idea, it is important for parents to think through the rules that they do set. I felt the panic rising in my chest. After spending a few days trying to adjust to the fact that the handsome co-leader of my small group was seven years my junior, I had just realized that he was actually eight years younger! But the fact was, I was 30, and he was 22.

What Age Should You Start Dating - Christian Dating Advice For Teenagers

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Dear Kim, Thank you for your excellent question and for your patience in waiting for my response! It is a relevant question, in a society that pushes dating at such a young age.

The Golden Rule in Christian Dating

Christian Dating Advice for Older Adults (4 Tips)

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