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Rich and fascinating the way to describe snuff bottles, as this lets us to reveal the The bottle's place of origin, the date this was bought, further issued material.

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Collecting Guide: 5 things to know about Chinese snuff bottles

Dating snuff bottles dustin milligan amanda crew dating Snuff is powdered tobacco, which, in times gone by, was inhaled dating snuff bottles from a knuckle or thumbnail. Ready-ground snuff came in two main varieties. light, which had been matured in a hot sauce; and dark, to which medicinal or sweet-smelling flowers, salt and potash had been added. Chinese dating snuff bottles enamel period,c. Ammonia, almonds, soda, sandalwood, vanilla and violet roots, for example, were just some of the substances that were botrles to ground tobacco as it matured.

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Share Vincent Fausone, Jr. It intrigued me, so I bought it. Then I found some books about snuff bottles, and learned a bit about them and began looking for them. Chinese snuff bottles were only made in the Qing Dynasty, which started in 1644 and ended in 1911, and contrary to what some people think, they were used only for holding powdered tobacco , usually with some herbs and spices in it, which was inhaled through the nose.


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Tobacco reached China toward the end of the 16th Century. When tobacco was converted into snuff is hard to say but by the mid seventeenth century seems to be likely.

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Web Appraisal: Japanese-Embellished Chinese Snuff Bottle, ca. 1770

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